Major sites in Information Security

Our security sites directory.

This is our security sites directory with sites you should visit frequently. Although we do, in general, not endorse the contents of these web sites (We are very critical of current approaches on this web site), they do offer a valuable resource of security knowledge.

  • CERT security governance guidelines
    Extensive reading material on security governance, but please read our section on security governance first to ensure you have a critical mindset.

  • Cerius
    One of the largest centers for education and research in information assurance and security.

  • IT security cookbook
    An extensive resource of technical and non-technical aspects of IT security. Worth a read!

  • SANS Reading Room
    A large collection of papers on all aspects of Information security. Be careful as the expertise of the authors and quality of the papers is often unknown.

  • Praxiom's Information Security Library
    The ISO IEC 27001 and 27002 standards translated into plain English.

  • How to improve security
    A good beginners guide for home and small business users.

  • Free Security tutorials
    Good starting point for free online books, tutorials and white papers.

  • Bumper stickers
    Funny quotes